“He’s not a Plantagenet – look at his clothes,” came the cry from upstairs. The tone of his voice suggesting he was a tad frustrated with his grandparents’ inability to identify British monarchs. The wife and I were sat downstairs in hysterics, as the octogenarians floundered in the face of DS1’s superior knowledge. The fact the pictures of various kings and queens were on thumbnail-sized magnets meaning their failing eyesight didn’t really assist them in

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KENYA and TANZANIA 1993 Leaving Uganda before war breaks out (in my last story), we cross into Kenya, heading for Lake Nakuru. After a couple of days on the road we close in on our destination, camping up in a crater near Nakuru town. The approach to our home for the night is a ponderous one, up a steep dirt track. In fact, our progress is so snail-like that a kid jumps onto the back

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UGANDA 1993 I’m not sure what it was in particular, but Uganda was my favourite country that I travelled through in the early ’90s. Maybe it was the unsurpassable Queen Elizabeth National Park, or happening upon Lake Victoria and all the legends (and myths) of the great explorers that it conjured up, along with our mistaken belief that we were at the source of the Nile. It might have been the fact that we had

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SOUTH AFRICA 1993/2010 Without doubt visiting Africa has changed over the last 20 years. But then so have I. When I first arrived on the world’s most exciting continent in the early 1990s, I was a fresh-faced (sort of) 24-year-old, eager for adventure and prepared to rough it – sleeping out under the stars with only a flimsy mat and a mosquito net to protect me from the elements. I travelled on overland trucks, hitched

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As far as school is concerned, the Romans are done with and it’s onto the Vikings and Saxons. The advent of his new class topic saw DS1 go on a school trip to an open-air museum-type place where they got to partake in a number of activities that they might have encountered had they been around some 1,200 years or so ago. The children were requested to go wearing old clothes. A requirement that proved

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There’s nothing like a bit of a winter break, timed perfectly to get out of the UK when the Beast from the East hit. Only we went to Lille, where it was snowing and absolutely freezing. Still, it was a few days break for the wife and I from the little terror at home; the joy of looking after him fell to his Grannie. She came up to stay at our house so it didn’t

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I’m Proudy McProud Face on a proud day. I have just got back from the Year 4 Roman Assembly, in which DS1 had to deliver three lines. And he only went and did it – spoke out loud in front of the whole school and a load of parents. He has never uttered a word on such an occasion before – even when he was supposed to. He brought his words home last week to

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