NIGERIA 1992 Just after entering Nigeria we come to a police stop. A tall, well-built policeman jumps onto our truck and starts chatting away – a really friendly man, full of smiles and laughs. Suddenly, he smacks his left forearm with his right fist really hard, repeatedly. “I’m really strong,” he tells us. He turns to Martin. “Hit me,” he says. Not one to disobey the law, Martin gets stuck in – walloping him as

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DS1 came flying down the stairs and thrust a piece of paper into his mum’s hands. “I’ve made a list of my top ten things,” he said. It read: Dad (obviously) James (his monkey) Harry Potter stuff Watching the Harry Potter films Scooting Mum (sixth on the list – oops) Gold things (not sure what happened to yellow) Playing football Eating choclate (sic) frogs Making Thief of Death play (the current stage play he was

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The first week back at school seems to have gone remarkably well. A couple of times I’ve had to double check that I’ve picked up the right child. The first day back, DS1 headed in, smiling and chatty, his hair full of product. Remember the trauma of the haircut not so long ago? The marvel that is Lisa has been back and he happily sat down and had his haircut without complaint – even chatting

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Somehow, on his EHCP, one of DS1’s strengths is listed as: “He loves walking.” This statement comes from the fact, that at the time of the meeting, he had started walking the South Downs Way with his mum. He certainly enjoys the outdoors and loves running around the countryside – once he’s there. The trick is to get him out of the house in the first place and convince him that he does indeed have

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A couple of weeks ago, the draft EHC Plan popped through the letterbox. The boy has been approved for funding to have additional support in school, and a dossier of his needs, required outcomes and how they are going to be achieved have been collated. We had 15 days to respond and advise of any changes we wanted. Being the organised people we are, we sat up late with a bottle of wine on the

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