I’m often asked (well, a couple of people have enquired): ‘How did you know he was autistic?’ or ‘When did you realise?’ It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact moment. There were certain things that led us to believe there was something not quite right, but looking back, I guess, the first signs were when DS1 was two and we were on a self-drive holiday in Namibia (I used to be lucky enough to have a


Next month we have a meeting with the EP (Educational Psychologist – yes, another acronym) for an assessment of DS1. His school (as do we) wants to apply for an EHCP (Educational Health and Clare Plan, if you remember), which will provide him with the support he needs in the classroom. This will be the third or fourth time we’ve met the same women… but so far these meetings have proved fruitless, mainly due to

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Olimpija Ljubljana 1 v 2 Maribor (07.05.16) “Let’s go and watch some football in Eastern Europe somewhere,” I said. Neal (a fellow Chelsea season ticket holder) and I were discussing the increasingly prohibitive cost of following the Chels in Europe versus the enjoyment we had travelling abroad to watch the beautiful game. The planning. The build-up. The culture of whatever place we found ourselves in. The people. The pre-match beers. The banter. The atmosphere. The

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Last week DS1’s behaviour took a turn for the worse. He was coming out of school chewing on the zip of his coat. A sure sign that he was very anxious – that something was playing on his mind. On the way home he was smacking me repeatedly (not hard, but enough to mean he was seeking some sensory feedback). He’d deliberately walk into hedges, run his hands against fences. Communication decreased and he started

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You may have seen a banner hanging from the West Stand upper tier declaring ‘Slovenian Blues’ and wondered, ‘What’s that all about?’ No? Well, I have. So, on a recent trip to Slovenia to take in the ‘Eternal Derby’ – Olimpija Ljubljana v Maribor – I had a beer or three with the co-founder of the Slovenian Chelsea Supporters Club, Matjaž Homar – along with his fellow Blue, Gregor Horvatič, or ‘Boy’ as he is

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