Yesterday, I found myself gripping DS1 firmly by the shoulders, shouting at him, six inches from his face, about the fact he’d refused to eat a piece of toast but he wanted me to make him another one. The frustration was boiling over. Fortunately, I was able to pull myself back from the brink, apologise and move on. “It’s a piece of toast,” I thought to myself, “what’s the point”. It’s not always that easy.

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Last week DS1 had a school trip to a woodland area a few miles from where we live, known as The Look Out. He really didn’t want to go. When he was younger, we used to go there quite a bit: there are miles of trails to run around, an adventure playground, hands-on science exhibits and ice cream. It doesn’t get any better. But for more than a year now, he has refused to go

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WESTERN SAHARA 1992 We’d been in the desert for five days, with no idea how long we would be here for. We – that’s our old Bedford truck, another English overland vehicle, a Polish 4WD and a couple of Land Rovers – were camped up about 20km outside the small town of Dakhla in the Western Sahara. To the left of our camp (or right if you were facing in the other direction), there was

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“I’m going to watch the trailer, then I’m going to watch the film. Again.” We have just finished watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and DS1 has gone straight into round two. No break. Harry Potter is his latest obsession. Last weekend we downloaded the first film, and that has been on a seemingly continuous loop ever since. Next weekend, we will be onto the third one, no doubt. We are reading the books,

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DS1 loves music… or rather, he did. Every year since he was born we have taken him to a music festival. Indeed, he celebrated his first birthday playing in a field listening to some punk band or other. For the last four years we have taken him to the Bearded Theory festival in Derbyshire, which takes place over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend. A couple of weeks before this year’s event, I asked him if

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