“I can’t wear those anymore,” said DS1, in response to me asking him to put his trainers on. “Oh. Are they too small?” “No.” “Are they uncomfortable?” “No.” “Why can’t you wear them, then?” “Because they were covered in quicksand.” “But they are all clean and dry now.” “Yes.” “So why can’t you wear them?” “You know why.” Perhaps, I should explain about the ‘quicksand’. We are extending our patio area and the bottom of

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“Remember you’ve got science club after school,” I said to DS1’s back as he hurried off into the playground with his customary ignorance of the pleasantries of saying “goodbye”. “I’m not going,” he shouted over his shoulder. What? We’d had this discussion the previous evening: the fact that he’d asked to do science club; the fact that I wouldn’t have forked out some hard-earned and signed him up for it if he didn’t want to

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