Following a sleepover at his friend Joanne’s house, DS1 became somewhat fractious the next day. But, before I get into that, here’s a couple of highlights from the preceding day’s events. To the suggestion that he slept in the loft room, he replied quite vociferously (hence the capital letters): “I’M NOT SLEEPING IN THE LOFT. SERIOUSLY, DON’T BE RIDICULOUS!” He did. Once the two of them had ‘settled’ down for the night, a voluble command

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“Come on, time to go,” I called up the stairs. Nothing. “Come on, we’re leaving now.” Nothing. I resigned myself to climbing the stairs to investigate. I found him lurking in Joanne’s room. As I entered, he scuttled away and hid under her desk. After a one-sided conversation on what the problem might be, I eventually managed to coax him out from his hiding place. I nudged him in the direction of the stairs and

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