“I need you to come straight out of school quickly today because we’ve got the dentist,” I informed DS1 as we walked to school. “Oh, that’s the third boring thing we’ve had to do after school in a row.” That wasn’t the response I was expecting. “Three boring things?” I enquired. “Yes, first we had to go to the bank, then yesterday I had my haircut and now we’ve got to go to the dentist.”

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I recently experienced three miracles in one day – two in consecutive sentences. “I think I’ll do something calm and relaxing like listen to a CD,” said DS1, not long after we had got home from school. This was brilliant. He had recognised the need to take some time out to get his head straight and he had found his own solution. He went upstairs to his room, from where I heard him declare: “But

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My name is Phil and I’m a grumpy, shouting depressive. It’s been four weeks since my last meltdown. Today, I’m holding my head high. We are at the end of January and I haven’t lost my rag with DS1 once this year (well, apart from the other Sunday – and with good reason – but I wrote the first draft of this before then). Maybe it’s because he is in a relatively good place at

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