I wasn’t sure what to write about this week, so I invited DS1’s friend Andreas around for his tea – and it didn’t disappoint. In the main, they played well together, DS1 didn’t seem to be too controlling and they were, by the sounds of it, having fun. It suddenly went quiet, though. Now, although you long for these moments of peace, a nagging fear always leaps into my head: ‘What the hell is he

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Carrying on from where I left off last time, it’s fair to say this period of homework appeasement has worked. Well, when I say worked, I mean we haven’t had any arguments about homework. He still won’t do it. That was until the wife discovered a foolproof method of motivation. For a while I have been meaning to write a blog about how DS1 doesn’t respond to rewards for doing something (likewise with consequences for

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The other week we had a meeting about another acronym. We met with DS1’s Senco to discuss his IEP – Individual Education Plan. This is basically the action plan the school is putting in place for the term, to start meeting the requirements that came out of the EHCP. During the course of this meeting I encountered another acronym – SPAG. Brilliant, I thought he must be learning cookery. Spag bol is my signature dish,

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I had real difficulty getting into the upstairs bathroom the other day. There was a trail of clothing on the floor, some skeleton wristbands dotted about and a couple of black plastic strips (that appeared to have been cut off the strip curtain – like off of the ’70s – in his playroom) stretching across the room, tied onto the tap at one end and the light chord at the other. “What’s going on here?”

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