At the Temple of Philae, on an island in the River Nile, near Aswan, DS1’s initial enthusiasm wanes. “I don’t need to see it,” he says. “I know everything already.” They clearly went into great detail about Egypt in his lessons at school. In fact, he’s learnt so much that our very knowledgeable guide’s integrity is called into question. “He’s lying,” he announces, before flouncing off – somewhat earlier than we’d planned – to the jetty

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DS1 packs his own bag, as we get ready to visit the Pyramids. He puts in a hoodie. “It’s a bit cold,” he says. Cold? It’s already in the mid-twenties and it’s not even 10am yet. This is the boy that wouldn’t wear a jumper to school in the midst of winter. His bag, courtesy of British Airways, was his constant companion on our holiday in Egypt – his comfort blanket. Every day, before we

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I think we’ve cracked it. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think we’ve only gone and done it. It’s got a minion on it. DS1 isn’t into minions, but they are yellow – and yellow is his favourite colour. It’s got batteries. And it talks to him. This wondrous invention is an electric toothbrush. He loves it. He even asks to do his teeth. Early. He switches it on, listening to the buzz.

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