The wife opens her beautifully made Mother’s Day card, with yellow and red 3D flowers on the front, handcrafted by her son out of card. She eagerly opens it up to find a greeting in (surprisingly) very neat handwriting: “To mum ducker, Happy Mother’s Day, Thank you for being lazy.” Luckily, she is used to his ‘sense of humour’ and she absolutely p*ssed herself. DS1 was in hysterics as well. Thankfully, it said ‘ducker’ and

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It used to be Match Attax (football cards to those of you not in the know). Still is, to a certain extent. Hundreds of them, maybe even thousands, all over his bedroom floor. And the playroom floor. And the lounge floor… you get the picture. He inherited a few albums of Match Attax via a family friend and has been collecting them himself for the past two seasons. I’ve even had to make him his


Picking back up on the selective mutism theme, the Senco at DS1’s infant school believed his SM to be a means of control. She reckoned that by not talking he was exerting control over a situation that made him uncomfortable, and that he had quickly learnt that not communicating meant he could avoid having to do something he didn’t want to do. We railed against this scenario. The reason he wasn’t speaking, we believed, was

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This week I feel moved to write about the walk to school. Why? Well, yesterday we left on time, without any arguing. We walked at a decent pace, chatting as we went, arriving at school in good time. As I result, I was able to go about my day in a good mood, without feeling like I’d been 12 rounds with Tony Bellew – going over and over the events in my mind, trying to

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“Why don’t you take the Ancient Egypt trail booklet we got from the British Museum into school for show and tell?” I asked. “No. That topic was last term.” “That doesn’t matter, I’m sure your teacher and classmates would still be interested in what you saw.” “No! I’m not answering any questions.” “Well, just do the show bit then…” “NO!” It’s episodes like this that remind me just how high DS1’s anxiety levels can get,